Webinar on Public procurement in Vietnam with project GOOSE


Following the workshop of EISMEA held on 27-28/APR our project Greenerg-Pro and GOOSE continued the communication to explore synergies between their activities.

On 19 May 2022 we held an online discussion about the methodology, results so far, portals, expectations, challenges of our projects.

We also drew a future agenda, including Meet-the-procurers, and possibilities to join efforts, specially concerning Vietnamese market. We agreed to share the information we already have, documents, advice, methodology on this target country. Promoting each other’s activities, including banners in portals, citing the upcoming webinars were also decided to implement. 

Accordingly, Greenerg-Pro's clients are welcome on the forthcoming webinar of GOOSE on public procurement in Vietnam (08 June 2022) and their thematic webinars due in autumn. 


GOOSE in nutshell:

Project GOOSE offers a free Tender tracking via www.projectgoose.eu!

You, the interested SMEs will find key business intelligence in 6 significant non-EU Markets: Colombia, Chile, Norway, Serbia, Vietnam and Japan.

Check if your product/service is within our 30 segments from the 4 broad sectors, Green economy, ICT, Smart Health and Smart cities.

Visit the web page for more details, register there for free, and receive alerts on public procurement opportunities!

GOOSE offers professional services to EU companies, such as mentoring and follow up, for successful international strategies!


Webinar 8 June on Public Procurement in Vietnam- Final agenda (pdf)

Minutes of Goose meeting 19.05.2022 - (docx)