Enhancement of capabilities and knowledge on international public procurement markets

Aims to develop the basis for the further development of the internationalization strategy and its implementation roadmap through a number of activities, including assessment of partner clusters’ competencies in public procurement and targeted training and identification of needs and knowledge gaps of targeted SMEs. We will also benchmark the existing services in internationalisation through public procurement of organisations in the ecosystems of the partner clusters. We will identify strategic partners in both the EU and target countries, and we will connect them in a dedicated webinar.

We will carry out exploratory missions to the target countries and we will complete the already existing intelligence to update it with the frameworks on procurement in the target markets. We will develop a new tool to embed it in COSMENERG-4i website and as part of the joint internet-based tools already existing (knowledge gathering and sharing and business platform). The tool will provide automatic alerts and create a digest/ newsletter for the members with a login feature with both free and premium services.

We build GREENERG-PRO on the concept of developing an internationalisation strategy and implementation roadmap with the view of enhancing the skills of the partner clusters’ management and their members (SMEs) in the field of international public procurement and concretely in four target markets through the development of a new tool for alerts and newsletter digest and settingup a permanent joint department to provide permanent and continuous technical support and assistance to members in internationalisation and access to third markets in the field of public procurement built upon the already existing permanent jointly developed services in internationalisation and access to third markets and the joint internal workflow.