2024 The 8th International Conference on Green Energy and Applications in Singapore

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Energy is inarguably one of the most pressing global issues faced by humanity in this century, and a reliable and sustainable energy system is crucial to achieve a more sustainable future. The world's energy consumption is expected to nearly double by 2050, with most of the growth happened in countries outside of the OECD. Sustainable development requires consistent access to clean, affordable energy to support economic activity, improve national development, and improve human wellbeing. In addition, there is a strong link between the energy sector and global climate change due to the impact of CO2 arising from burning the fossil fuels. Study shows that carbon emissions hit the peak in 2018, mainly from the carbon-rich fossil fuels that generated nearly 85% of the world’s energy. Taking the above-mentioned as a backdrop, energy is certainly a complex technology involving multidisciplinary research, development, demonstration and deployment in energy systems, grid systems and applications, especially in the energy transition era.

In anticipation, the combination of rising populations and living standards of human society in the next 50 years will demand for the development of massively scaled sustainable energy and low-carbon electricity generation solutions with an objective of battling the climate change. These challenges, albeit an unparalleled threat to the business-as-usual, also represent a remarkable opportunity for research, innovation, and green growth.


With the success of the previous 7 year, ICGEA came to its 8th edition in 2024.


2024 The 8th International Conference on Green Energy and Applications https://www.icgea.org/

It is proud to announce that 2024 The 8th International Conference on Green Energy and Applications will be held during March 14-16, 2024 in Singapore, which is sponsored by Singapore Institute of Electronics. The theme of ICGEA 2024 is to bridge and connect presenters and audience with different disciplines and background as well as from different geographical locations. The most interesting and disruptive technology often happened at edges and boundaries of different disciplines, and so the aim of the conference is to bring these brains together to synthesize the ideas and knowledge from different sources to achieve the energy innovation.