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We will implement GREENERG-PRO through 3 different work packages.
We will cover the preparatory phase (phase 1) with WP1 and WP2 and we will cover the implementation phase (phase 2) with WP2 and WP3. We have coherently structured the 5 WPs to achieve the objectives and to ensure that the results are sustainable, as follows:

We build GREENERG-PRO on the concept of developing an internationalisation strategy and implementation roadmap with the view of enhancing the skills of the partner clusters’ management and their members (SMEs) in the field of international public procurement and concretely in four target markets through the development of a new tool for alerts and newsletter digest and settingup a permanent joint department to provide permanent and continuous technical support and assistance to members in internationalisation and access to third markets in the field of public procurement built upon the already existing permanent jointly developed services in internationalisation and access to third markets and the joint internal workflow.