MoUs with relevant stakeholders from non-EU countries concluded

3 more Memorandums of Understanding have been signed as results of our trade mission to Taiwan in October and November 2023! Our collaborative partners from Vietnam, Israel, Taiwan help actively the execution of Greenerg-Pro project. Their highest added value is to coorganise our tailored country-specific webinars and SME trade missions to the target countries completed this year and next spring.

As per our agreements they

- help exploring the given third-country's procurement market and get insight to the practicalities of bidding;

-  organize training on the given third-country's public procurement legal framework, procedures and practicalities for the Greenerg-Pro partners delegation;

-  help reaching out for local companies in the private and public market in the given third-country that are open to cooperate with cluster members and companies in the Greenerg-Pro countries;

-  support the Greenerg-Pro SME delegation visiting to the given third-country to get an insight in the local business culture, public procurement market and support networking with local stakeholders in the renewable energy, green economy and public procurement domain;

-  provide support to monitoring current/ upcoming business opportunities in the public procurement sector;

-  support the Greenerg-Pro partnership with the organization of country thematic virtual matchmaking event (B2B and B2P).

Our counterpartnes own high-profiles in different segment of supporting businesses:

- The aim of the Innovation Matrix from Israel is to bring together academia, industry, and government and to drive the growth of local technology ecosystems. The technology accelerator and innovation programs support startups and entrepreneurs in their home countries by partnering with leading international universities, innovation centers, corporations, and government entities.  The Innovation Matrix provides the expertise and mentorship to help your startups flourish. Through their programs, startups and entrepreneurs gain access to a wide range of resources and opportunities that accelerate their growth. They receive mentorship from experienced Israeli innovators and thought leaders who provide guidance, industry insights, and practical know-how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully.

- AMDI is a Vietnamese independent research and consulting institute, that provides science, technology. AMDI provides advice, assistance and solutions to meet the needs of organizations and individuals and partners with local and international partners (European Commission, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, etc). AMDI has established an extensive network of Vietnam’s most recognized experts in international trade and investment, international commitments, capacity building, human resource development, project management, institutional enhancement, sustainable tourism development, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. AMDI has implemented hundreds of research and consulting projects and conducted more than 600 training courses with budgets varying from some thousands USD to a million USDFrom our AMDI is a Vietnamese independent research and consulting institute, that provides science, technology and development research, consulting and training services. 

INVELS from Vietnam is managed by leading experts in economics, real estate, and law with international experience forged into practice in the region. With a deep knowledge of local administrative processes and legal background to support the most effective way of meeting the requirements of international and domestic clients, investors, and partners. INVELS conducts investments, provides real estate development and investment consultancy services.

Taiwan Smart Solutions Association (TSSA) was established in 2021 and has nearly one hundred members. It comprises chip, AI, cloud service, digital twin, and 5G enterprise core solution technology vendors. It is the first association in Taiwan to use digital twin and Metaverse technology, RVR environment, AIoT, and cloud service in order to help local manufacturers enter international markets at a low risk and low cost. TSSA takes Taiwan Smart Solution (TSS) as the core brand "Powered by TSS ©". It establishes partner relationships with IoT and smart solution providers from Taiwan and local manufacturers from cities around the world, promoting substantive international cooperation. The Association is the most forward-looking first industry association in Taiwan to establish an innovative international partner cooperation business model. Under the management concept of "sustainability, wisdom, security, green, and resilience", the Association provides members with the purpose of low-risk and low-cost entry into specific international markets, with guidance principles of Glocalization, leading members into a new blue ocean market of international smart cities.At the moment, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, India, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey and the United States have all expressed interest in this new win-win partnership model.

- The China IP SME Helpdesk is an initiative of the European Commission, which is the first line IP assistance service for European SMEs that operate or intend to access the China market and that aim to improve their global competitiveness. The China IP SME Helpdesk  supports small and medium sized enterprises in the European Union (EU) and the other countries of the Single Market Programme (SMP) to both protect and enforce their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in or relating to Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan through the provision of free information and services. These take the form of jargon-free, first-line, confidential advice on intellectual property and related issues, plus training, materials and online resources. The China IP SME Helpdesk is  implemented by the following consortium partners: SD Policies Limited (Ireland), the coordinator and the Development Solutions (UK); the University of Alicante (Spain) as well as  European Chamber of Commerce in China.

-Established 20 years ago as the local office of a large Zurich-headquartered law firm, Eiger Law has been independent and Taipei-headquartered for 15 years. A full-service law firm, Eiger and its professionals have consistently earned high rankings and awards for its intellectual property, corporate, M&A, tax, employment, regulatory, and litigation practices. The firm has consistently been recognized as a top "Employer of Choice" by Asian Legal Business' annual survey of the best firms to work for in Asia, and Eiger has won awards and other recognition for its diversity. The firm has an experienced team of foreign and local lawyers working together with strong multilingual capabilities.