Doing business in Asia - serie of webinars

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If you are open to work internationally and you are interested in tendering with Asian green businesses, you can get inside on the questions from first hand: 

What is Green Procurement?

What is the status of green procurement policies and infrastructure in Asian countries including Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam?

How can it affect Intellectual Proeprty (IP) protection & enforcement in  Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam?


Green procurement is extremely important in the adoption of environmentally responsible practices in business activities used to meet needs for materials, goods, utilities and services. It fundamentally incorporates human health and ecological concerns into the search for high quality products and services at competitive prices.




The webinars on green procurement infrastructure and business opportunities in Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam, organised by the South-East Asia IP SME Helpdesk and China IP SME Helpdesk ( in collaboration with Greenerg-Pro and the Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce will feature a number of speakers from the public and private sector on a range of discussion points relevant to a comprehensive view of doing business in Vietnam, how to participate in green procurement policies along with key concerns about IP protection in Vietnam.


The attending SMEs will have the opportunities to give networking pitches and start matchmaking discussions.


The live session is open to representatives of Member States and EU SMEs, as well as observers from the general public. The participation is free but the registration is obligatory at