Save the dates for our coming webinars on 20-21-22 June 2023 and trade mission on 10-24 October 2023

With the help of Greenerg-Pro project we run the serie of country thematic virtual matchmaking events targetting the overseas countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam. The participating SMEs are offered by B2B and B2P networking and pitching possibilities. During the virtual matchmaking events 3-4 concrete business opportunities will be introduced. Business procureurs of the target countries are also welcomed to detail the current calls and business supporting organisations to share their services!

The tentative agenda of the 2-hour virtual matchmaking events is the following:

− Presentation of Greenerg-pro project and the virtual matchmaking event.

− Presentation of the country and its procurement framework: SME IPR Helpdesk presenting the IP protection rules in the country, Central and Eastern European Chamber of Commerce  presenting the business environment in the country

− Business procurers – needs for goods and services in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies and current procurement opportunities, including information on tendering/ bidding procedures.

− SMEs – pitching 



In addition we are organising the SME trade missions this October, when the 3 clusters of Greenerg-Pro (from Poland, Serbia and Hungary) will take 3-5 cluster members to the target countries.


The missions will be executed as accompanying actions of the following events:

VIETNAM: Vietnam International Industrial Fair 2023 / Hanoi, Vietnam / 10-12 October 2023 /
TAIWAN: Taiwan’s Largest Green Energy Exhibition: Gathering Complete Renewable Energy Supply Chain / Taipen, Taiwan / 18-20 October 2023 /  ENERGY TAIWAN OCT 18-20, 2023
SINGAPORE: Asia Clean Energy Summit 2023 / Singapore / 23-28 October 2023 /

Prelmiminary agenda:

D0-D1:10 or 11 Oct: travel to Hanoi, Vietnam

D2: 12 Oct: visit  the Vietnam International Industrial Fair 2023

D3: 13 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders 

D4: 14 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders  or day off (Saturday)

D5: 15Oct:  travel to Taipen, Taiwan

D6: 16 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders 

D7: 17 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders 

D8: 18 Oct: visit the Taiwan’s Largest Green Energy Exhibition: Gathering Complete Renewable Energy Supply Chain 

D9: 19 Oct: travel to Singapore

D10: 20 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders 

D11: 21 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders  or day off (Saturday)

D12: 22 Oct: bilateral talk with SMEs/stakholders  or day off (Sunday)

D13: 23 Oct: visit the Asia Clean Energy Summit 2023 

D14: 24 Oct: travel to home country


If interested to attend the webinars as a pitching stakeholder / SME please contact the project coordinator till 15June as the latest. If you are considering the take part in the SME trade mission, email to

till 31 August 2023. The final selection will be made upon the SME profiles received till 15 September 2023.