First time ever: Israel passes 10% mark in connecting renewable energy production facilities


The report shows data that is relevant to the economy, like installed power from renewable energies.

A report published by the Electricity Authority said that Israel has passed the 10% mark for the first time in connecting facilities for the production of renewable energies.

The Electricity Authority constantly monitors the electricity sector's compliance with government goals for energy production using renewable resources. In order to incentivize further establishment of these types of growth industries, appropriate regulations are set and adjusted as needed in order to support this goal.

The Electricity Authority published a report on Sunday on the state of renewable energies for 2022. The report shows data that is relevant to the economy like installed power from renewable energies, the amount of energy made from facilities, and more.

The data showed that in 2022 the production facilities that had an average of 96 megawatts were connected in many different technologies every month which increased it about 23% as opposed to production facilities in 2021 when they were at 78 megawatts every month and had an increase in 2020 with 43 megawatts per month.

The capacity of renewable energy facilities that were installed at the end of 2022 rose to 4,765 megawatts, which brought the annual production capacity to 11.8% as opposed to the year prior's which was at 9.4% in 2021.