Maximize abroad: 7 secrets of effective online marketing abroad

The aim of the Enterprise Europe Network is to increase the competitiveness of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and to expand their international network of contacts. The series of events launched in 2023 under the name EEN Business Club, in response to the challenges of the past years, elaborates topics with invited expert speakers that can be useful for all economic bodies.


The topic of the next event: Maximize abroad: 7 secrets of effective online marketing abroad

Languague: Hungarian


Speaker: Mónika Török, founder-managing director, MERAKI Marketing Agency

The digital world offers many cost-effective opportunities for businesses that want to develop their exports. The presentation of Monika Török, who comes from a multi-national corporate background and works for Hungarian SMEs with her own company, is based on this idea. By recognizing the regularities, the participants can learn how their online presence can be effective if their goal is the foreign market.


The sandwich lunch following the lecture provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the other participants and to discuss individual cases with the lecturer.


Location: Budapest 2nd district Kacsa utca 15-23 HEPA event hall (fsz.)


Date: Thursday, April 13, 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Registration: from 09:30

Participation in the small group workshop is free, but prior registration is required. The number of participants is limited, registration takes place in the order of application.


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