Israeli private electric plane will soon be ready for take off


AIR ONE, created in Pardes Hana, has more than 300 advance orders ahead of its expected launch in 2024

The day when you will be able to enter your garage, hop into a personal aircraft and cruise above the congested traffic on the streets below is coming closer.

Air EV, based in Pardes Hana, Israel, expects to start delivering its two-seater, battery-operated electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft late next year, with hundreds of people already signed up to join the urban air mobility revolution.

“I think we’ll probably be, if not the first, then one of the earliest companies in the market,” says Chen Rosen, CTO and Co-Founder of Air EV.

Leveraging major advances in electric propulsion, eVTOL aircraft offer the average person the ability to “drive in the sky,” while providing an environmentally sustainable solution to a growing urban transportation problem. Simple to fly, and priced to compete with a high-end luxury car, Air EV’s AIR ONE aircraft is designed for private commuter and recreational use.