About a third of cars on Israeli roads will be electric by 2030, government projects


Israel expects the number of electric vehicles to grow from the current 70,000 to 1.3 million in 2030, allots funding for thousands of new charging stations across the country

Israel projects that 1.3 million vehicles on its roads will be electric by 2030 taking up a 30 percent share of the auto market as the country seeks to cut down on air pollution and carbon emissions, the Energy and Infrastructure Ministry said on Tuesday.

The forecast is part of the government’s ambitious plan to advance the gradual shift from cars powered by polluting fossil fuels to electric vehicles and green transportation, including trucks, buses and trains.

By 2050, the government aims for all six million private vehicles in use to be electric. There are currently 70,000 electric vehicles in use on Israel’s roads, accounting for less than 2% of all cars.

According to the forecast, the number of electric buses is expected by 2030 to increase to about 8,000, or about 35% of all buses, before the full transition in 2050 to electric or hydrogen-powered buses.

The growing adoption of EVs and the widespread shift to green transportation is expected to weigh on Israel’s future demand for electricity. While today the transportation sector consumes less than 1% of the country’s electricity demand, by 2030 it is expected to make up about 6% of total demand, according to ministry estimates. With the goal of fully integrating EVs into the nation’s electricity grid, it is projected to account for 15% of total demand in 2050.


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