These jobs will be on demand in 2023: Randstad


These jobs will be on demand in 2023: Randstad. There will be in demand roles for digitisation and sustainability experts.

The year 2023 will be more demanding for green goals framework and digital capabilities roles, human resource expert Randstad said.

For each industry, specific roles will be needed to be filled in every workplace.

IT roles

For information technology, there will be high demand for technology professionals with skills in software engineering, full stack development, and mobile app development. 

Additionally, product managers, UI developers, cybersecurity experts, and cloud architects will also be in demand. 

As companies focus on sustainability, there will be a need for tech professionals with expertise in sustainability analytics, predictive modelling, and green management solutions. 

With the emergence of Web3, there will also be a need for new roles such as blockchain engineers and metaverse developers. 

As new job roles in sustainable tech are created, tech professionals may need to be retrained to support organisations' sustainability agendas.

Banks and finance

In the banking and finance sector in 2023, there will likely be demand for front-office roles such as wealth managers, private bankers, specialised lending bankers, and SME banking professionals. 

Middle office roles that may be in demand include credit risk managers, internal auditors, and operational risk managers. 

Family offices and venture capital firms may seek portfolio managers, investor relations managers, and research analysts. 

Fintechs and digital banks may have a need for digital product owners, risk managers, and software engineers and developers to enhance their digital capabilities.

Transportation roles

There is increasing demand for green buildings so there is need for talent equipped with roles such as sustainability analyst, chief sustainability officer, energy efficiency and conservation officer, as well as energy manager.

Here are the specific job descriptions:

• sustainability analyst, who analyses and predicts an organisation’s current and future environmental impacts

• chief sustainability officer, who proposes and implements strategies to address and manage the organisation’s various environmental impacts, including processes and use of raw materials

• energy efficiency and conservation officer, who proposes and implements programmes that promote the conservation of energy within the organisation

• energy manager, who plans, regulates and monitors energy use within the organisation

Retail employment

In the hiring market of retail, there is expected to be a demand for professionals with skills in customer and data analysis, commercial planning, category management, pricing analysis, community management, and operations accounting and finance analysis. 

These professionals will be responsible for analysing data, predicting customer purchasing behaviour, improving the customer experience on digital platforms, and developing automated accounting systems to process high volume transactions and provide customer insights to sales and marketing teams.

Technology for infrastructure

Also under this industry, firms will seek technology development so demand will increase for the following job roles:

• software engineer, who leads the design and development of proprietary and integrated software solutions

• cloud engineer, who builds and maintains cloud infrastructure

• data engineer, who generates, enriches, and maintains data sources and pipelines, and builds AI and ML models based on extracted data

• IT project manager, who structures and supervises project development, including task distribution and compliance with deadlines