8 in 10 expert investors change strategy amidst rising inflation


8 in 10 expert investors change strategy amidst rising inflation. EV and tech are the key themes amongst Singaporean investors.

More than a quarter (85%) of expert investors had made changes to their investment strategies in response to inflation challenges, the Schroders Global Investor Study 2022 has found.

A number of average (42%), beginner (24%), and rudimentary (23%) investors have also done the same.

Almost half of investors, regardless of their level of knowledge in investments, are exercising caution against a more challenging outlook, with 47% planning to save more and spend less. Some (46%) are mulling increasing the amount of diversification within their portfolios.

Most of them (60%), however, believe that their investments are diversified enough to mitigate the impact of a significant market event.

Schroders Global said investors are also keen to allocate to sustainability. Similarly, electric vehicles (49%) and technology (48%)  remained key themes amongst Singapore investors.

More than half of expert investors (58%), meanwhile, find active funds more attractive.

To help them during uncertain times, 30% of investors plan to speak with a financial adviser.
Investors who defined themselves as more knowledgeable were more likely to turn to an active manager's expertise than six months ago.