Solar systems sales surge in Israel amid electricity price concerns


According to data from the Enerpoint company, in the first half of 2022 there was a 12% increase in the installation of solar systems using photovoltaic technology.


The increase in electricity rates by 8.6% at the beginning of August, along with an earlier increase of 2.2%, and the expectation of continued price increases in accordance with the worldwide price hikes of oil has led to the rise in demand for installing solar panel systems in private homes.
There are several companies operating in the solar market whose economic model is installing systems at their own expense while guaranteeing current income and return on investment. The Enerpoint company, acquired by the automobile importer Colmobil, is one of the largest solar system installers.

Installing a home solar energy system on a 120 square meter flat roof produces 28,927 kWh in the first year. The

expected annual income for the client is NIS 13,885 per year with a yearly return of 14%. The investment in installing the system is returned within 6.5 years.

According to Enerpoint data, in the first half of 2022, there was a 12% increase in the installation of solar systems using photovoltaic technology in private homes, and it’s expected that by year’s end this will rise to more than 20%.