After the generators: Satellite phone panic - how it works and costs guide


Navigating the satellite phone panic: Costs, functionality, and suitability - a comprehensive guide for those seeking alternative communication solutions.

The generator panic did not end and a new trend has already emerged: A flood of people interested in purchasing satellite phones, out of fear of the collapse of the cellular communication systems in Israel. This is a relatively new technology that local authorities have recently been equipped with, but has also spread to the private market and to many consumers who are interested in a gadget that you are not sure you really need. 

"The panic for a satellite phone began in October with the beginning of the fighting" says Dr. Oded Lebanon, Dr. of Biology and Ecology and the pioneer of satellite phones in Israel. A Lebanese lover of extreme sports, and in the past managed the situation room of the Ministry of Education, that's when the need for satellite communication first arose. He began importing the first satellite phones to Israel, and has since become the main distributor in Israel of the field.

Lebanon says that the interest is mainly from business owners who fear the collapse of communications in Israel and the inability to continue doing business with entities abroad: "Large companies have begun to equip themselves with satellite communications, either with the phones themselves, or with devices that also allow surfing. But this is not a cheap business, which not everyone can afford."

Dr. Levanoni explains that the main concern that leads to interest is the collapse of cellular communications, not precisely due to a barrage of missiles, but a load of calls: "From our experience in places where there are major disasters, earthquakes or tsunamis, is that everyone tries to call and the network collapses. During the tsunami in Thailand it was not possible to make contact for several days because of that collapse. Sometimes entire regions are cut off from communication for a very long time. For business owners, this can be very problematic."

So what exactly is a satellite phone, what types exist, how does it work, and what is the damage to the pocket? With the help of Dr. Lebanon, here are all the answers to all the questions:

What is the difference between a cell phone and a satellite phone?

A cellular network is built on communication between the mobile phones and many terrestrial antennas. Unlike it, a satellite network connects the satellite phone to satellites moving in the sky.

Which satellites are we talking about?

There are two types of satellites that communicate with the satellite phones: Those in a low orbit, which move at an altitude of about 700 kilometers at high speed, and circle the earth in about four hours, and those at a high altitude of 36 thousand kilometers, which are at a fixed point and cover a certain area of the earth.