Resilience Taiwan 2023" B2B meetings attended by Archenerg clients in Taipei in Nov 21, 2023


Archenerg with 3 clients from Hungary visited the "Resilience Taiwan 2023" B2B event in Taipei in Nov 21, 2023 to meet local suppliers.

“MG Építész” Ltd intended to see how its expertise activity can meet Taiwanese demands, how it can cooperate with different companies who produce solutions for architecture and may need expertise in Hungary or in Taiwan or in any 3rd country. “MG Építész” Ltd is the most employed forensic expert company in Hungary with contracts in different European countries. Taiwanese industrial technology is increasingly present in Hungary. When a forensic expert lecture is made, it has to reveal the problem and has to advise a proper solution. They were interested to meet different actors of housing materials and devices. 


SR Concept Ltd went to Taiwan to learn the country ambitions on smart city planning and understand the bottlenecks, concerns, possibilities and solutions in the topic. They especially interested in local innovations and green solutions that can substitute the ones we currently consider in our smart / wise city planning.

AMBISZA Ltd aimed to check how modern earth architecture can meet the modern Taiwanese green solutions in architecture. They wanted to meet the producers of the different building elements like solar panels, noise insulation materials, safeguarding solutions, glasses and energy storing solutions.


Each company met at least 5 companies during the B2B to show their way of thinking, understand their products and see if there is possibility for cooperation, if they can lead them to any business in Taiwan or they can make any subcontracting in their portfolio. They established the first personal connections upon which further discussions are planned to follow.


The main meetings run with local stakeholders are summarised below:
-Aluminum Honeycomb Core Mill Panels

-Aluminum Foam Panel
The company produces metal panels as recycled aluminium. Size up to wall size. It can be used for design panels on high end paces especially community places. They can make any colour. The width is different. Its fibre structure is able to reduce reverberation. 


SEGL ENERGY CO., LTD.,,  Richard Jiang
- Li-ion battery packs
The SEGL ENERGY company is the first Manufacturer who developed Automobile Start up Battery by using the Lithium - Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC) chemistry, and successfully become No.1 brand in TAIWAN market.

Automobile start up (SLI) Battery

Electric Power Vehicles – e-bike/scooter/rickshaw/cart…

New Generation UPS system

Recreational RV battery

Renewable Energy Storage 

Solar Film, Laminated insulating glass Vampire Shield Solar Film/ Uplus energy-saving glass Uplus The One Solar Film Uplus energy saving glass Uplus insulating paint Uplus Nano U+ Antibacterial products
The company applies professional heat insulation materials for plastic substrates to create a wide width shielding film to solve the film width limitation that can be used for large glass, and to reduce costs. It can achieve UV blocking and high efficiency heat insulation without sacrificing an invincible beautiful view.

Its benefits are the following:

The solar film of heat insulation can block over 99% of UV light.

It can provide high transparency.

HC FENG CO., LTD.,, Maggie Chao
cutting coolant purification equipment chip/sludge removal machine
HC FENG is one of the leading manufacturer of coolant filtration systems.


SPOTCAM CO., LTD., ,Cydney Chang
-Cloud imaging technology

-Home security control equipment,

Use: baby, pet, etc

Spotcam produces cameras in a wide range of variety. It is easy to setup.

There are cameras with built in face recognition and human detection. With automatic infrared LEDs you can see clearly even in the dark.

You can stay aware by receiving active motion alert via e-mail or mobile app from Spotcam

These camera systems can be well used in wise buildings. Market success is only question of price and marketing.

-Surveillance systems
VACRON produces safety cameras. The company name was inspired from the abbreviaton of Vision on Advanced Camera Recording Solution.

-Green lighting solutions

-Design laps
The Pookoo company produces various kind of LED lighting products. (Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, professional lighting) The companies products – especially the professional lightings may be of greater interest in our case. (lighting solutions in hospitals, railway stations, etc.).

The professional lights meet the critical requirements of extreme surroundings.

The most serious problem of conventional lights in Hingary that they are too fragile in the outdoor environment. So, the lights need to be changed or repaired often, which makes the maintenance cost usually very high.

The Pookoo lights company can provide us sustainable products in the future.


Rex Sun
-Management platform for parking


AI Rider has intelligent license plate recognition system. Vehicles can enter the parking lot whitout taking tickets. The company provides a lot of more solution for smart cities such as exit warning light, parking space occupancy detection, infrared monitoring cameras, remaining vacant spaces display, vehicle recognition pole with text display, licence plate recognition camera, etc.
On the following day Archenerg organised special meetings for the SMEs as per follows: 

Szabó Balázs, Investment and Trade Director. Hungarian Trade Office, Taipei.
New technologies will be a key for the development of modern cities. We Hungarians are honoured to be able to contribute with some of our most promising innovations and solurions. The ultimate goal is to turn urban areas into places where people feel at home and desire to spend their lives.
Yuang Light,, Ann Liu, Alene Hong
-High performance lamps for industrial activity like construction
The company makes different size lamps for outdoor, off grid need.
John Eastwood, US Attorney at law,  seated in Taipei
-wide knowledge of Taiwanese and international intellectual property right possibilities, cases and issues.
David Chen, Taiwan Smart City Solutions Alliance
The key challenge for cities will be to manage growing populations. United Nations report, that 60 percent of the global population will live in an urban area by 2030.It means that a city must have sustainable and stable supply of water, electricity, heat and housing. there are huge challenges where advanced digital solutions can help to achieve the three goals: increase sustainability, resilience and efficiency.