2nd Greenerg-Pro PSC meeting on the 18- 19th of November 2021 in Budapest Hungar

We organised our 2nd Greenerg-Pro PSC meeting on the 18- 19th of November 2021 in Budapest Hungary. For those with traveling restrictions due to pandemic, a Zoom line was set up to attend the meeting.

The project coordinator spread the knowledge gainded during the European kick-off meeting of cluster projects held by EISMEA in early October. The partners discussed the forthcoming actions and responsible

Beyond,  Ms Tunde Tatrai, public procurement expert from Corvinus University gave a very comprehensive presentation about the public procurement processes in the target countries. 

 The training included the international and EU frameworks (WTO GPA, EU Directives, etc) on public procurement, bidding procedures, recurrent principles, and information sources in general and on the target countries specifically (i.e. bidding models and procedures, green business development, etc). The Hungarian Export Agency (HEPA) par

This training has been a key activity because it has an impact on other training activities at cluster level during the implementation of GREENERG-PRO. The content and knowledge will be used to brief and teach partner clusters´ members on public procurement and business development outside the EU, with a train the trainers´ approach. 

We also brainstormed on new stakeholders during the training session in Budapest. We have identified partners and strategic stakeholders that we will visit during the fact-finding missions to the target countries. We have prepared the list of partners and organisations in the target countries that we consider are the most relevant ones for the scope of the project and future activities.  Re-launching the networking will be based on the existing contacts as the partner clusters already have a network in the target countries. They have also signed cooperation agreements/ MoUs with some of them during the earlier projects.