The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) has published the 2023 edition of the Brand Audit of the European Heating Industry

the coolest heating 2.png

The coolest heating: 38 companies leading the renewable heating transition in Europe - A climate analysis of the domestic heating market.

This new edition on manufacturers of heating products sold in Europe used information the first time from the European Product Registry for Energy Labelling (EPREL), which is publicly available since 2022. The report examined 72 companies based on publicly available data and responses to a survey.

The conclusion shows that large number of the contributing heating companies agree on banning fossil fuel boilers and water heaters and support shifting subsidies toward climate-friendly technologies, such as electric heat pumps and solar thermal systems in line with the policies of the International Energy Agency and the European Commission. The 38 various size companies that lead the renewable heating transition in Europe offer exclusively environmentally appropriate products including heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

The full report can be downloaded from EU Agenda.